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Commercial electrical works

Benco’s Answer is Safe and Affordable Electrical Service

Do you need installation of any type of indoor or outdoor electrical systems at your home or business? Are you building or renovating? Why call Benco Electric? Our licensed and certified electricians safely design and install residential, commercial and industrial electrical systems with very affordable pricing. And you can always rely on Benco Electric to complete our work in a timely manner, from a small home installation to a complex factory contract. Here are some more reasons to contact Benco for a consultation or estimate.

Why upgrade any electrical system, residential or commercial?
Upgrading or having a new installation done can add value to your property. Adding lighting fixtures, for example, not only gives you better security but also a more modern look and design to any area.

How can I have reliable backup power in case of an outage?
What will happen if you have a business that doesn't have any power back-up? Would your home have heat, lights or water if power lines go down? Are you prepared for an outage? Benco Electric installs generators. When a power outage, long or short, strikes your business, having a general-duty electric generator as backup benefits you and your workers. A power outage means lost money and time. With an affordable and safe generator from Benco Electric, you don’t have to stay days at home with food melting in your freezer or close your business until power is restored.

Why should I have Benco take care of my heater installation?
Have Benco’s licensed electricians inspect, install, repair or upgrade your electrical heating system before winter. If you want to save money, Benco does upgrades to better and more economical heaters with an affordable, easy and smooth installation. Before heavy winter use, have Benco, an ESA-licensed electrical contractor, inspect your heating system for a safer business or residence. Benco electricians find potentially dangerous wiring problems that we repair immediately. Electrical upgrades and maintenance also save you in energy usage and heating costs. Contact Benco Electric to ask how your electrical installation’s longer life can put more money in your pocket.

I can fix it myself. Why call Benco Electric?
Don't try to do an electrical repair yourself. You put yourself in danger, and you might make the problem worse, putting your family or employees in danger as well. By Canada’s laws, you cannot perform any electrical work without certification, and most insurance companies will not cover damages from electrical problems you cause. Instead, you need to call Benco Electric for our certified safety inspection to find your electrical problems. Before we make repairs, you'll receive a free quote. So let the licensed electricians of Benco take care of your electrical problems. We have the expertise and equipment to do the job, and we guarantee our work for one year.